Virtual Summer Discussions

Thursday, June 25 at 6pm
Raising White Kids with Jennifer Harvey:
A parenting podcast discussion

How are you talking to your kids about the protests? Join other KC parents for a virtual discussion on this and the Integrated Schools podcast: Raising White Kids with Jennifer Harvey. Listen to the podcast:

Register for the virtual discussion at:

Thursday, July 23 at 6pm
Integrating Mindfully:
A discussion on how white parents show up at schools

By now many of us have made our school choice decisions for the fall. Join other KC parents to talk about how white and/or privileged parents show up at schools, and share tips for how we can do it more mindfully and humbly. We’ll discuss the importance of building relationships, the urge to “fix” schools, and how advocating for quick changes can undermine years of work by black and brown parents.

Register for the virtual discussion at:

We appreciate your willingness to have these conversations and join a movement of parents working together with a common interest in raising race conscious children and integrating schools humbly and mindfully. Visit and for more information about the Integrated Schools movement.

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