Race, Equity, and Inclusion trainings

Please consider attending one of the upcoming Race, Equity & Inclusion sessions that will be held March 14-15 and April 11-12. These are 2-day workshops and you must attend sessions on both days to complete the training. I had the opportunity to attend this past fall and the extensive discussions on the history and social contructs of race were eye opening, affirming, and will have a deep impact on my work with Integrated Schools and school equity in Kansas City. They have conducted trainings for at least 150 people already in Kansas City and hope to reach 500.

More information about these workshops and links to register:

“REI works, across the country, with individuals like you to understand the factors that have led to current day inequities and helps to put us in position to break down those barriers, so that more individuals have the opportunity for success.

The REI workshops are just one part of an emerging community conversation with many other engaged organizations. These workshops are equipping community members with a common understanding of historical and current data trends, a shared language, and the ability to identify policies and practices that need to be addressed.

We realize that these issues are not new and that we have had variations of this conversation before. However, there are several groups beginning to synergize so that we have a different kind of conversation than we have had in the past – one that is focused on getting better results for our entire community.

We know that you care deeply about the growth and development of a prosperous, diverse Kansas City. We hope that you will join us in this learning experience, as we work together to make a change in our beloved community.”

Race, Equity, and Inclusion session March 14-15

Race, Equity, and Inclusion session April 11-12

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