When education advocates believe integrating one school is a solution

This is what is happening here when elected officials and neighborhoods embrace the idea that opening new schools is needed to create more “quality,” “diverse” school choices. Because our city continues to foster the idea that a few integrated schools are better than none, we put roadblocks in the path of a real, comprehensive integration strategy which would bring equity to all our students, not just the privileged few.

“Some of the very leaders tasked with solving the negative effects from school re-segregation offer shortsighted policies that exacerbate racial and economic divisions. The ripple-effect, consequences of their misguided thinking remains the greatest policy foible of the modern era. Lazy logic behind bad policy feeds a perception that that the achievement gap exists simply, because poor and minority students learn differently than their wealthier, White peers. Rather, it is directly tied to declining enrollment, lower property values, and the dwindling resources available to tackle mounting challenges in the communities that surround underperforming public schools.”
The Baltimore Times: Segregating Public Schools Won’t Make America Great Again.

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